More Fraud Detected as Credit Crunch Develops

An article in this week's "The Lawyer" by Samantha Bewick and Janice Edgar at KPMG looks at the impact of past fraud on the prospects for restructuring a business in difficulty.   

The article can be found by clicking [here].

The article sets out a series of questions that should be examined to determine if fraud may have taken place in the past and that may provide a prompt for further investigation.

It also discusses the role of forensic accountants in insolvency proceedings, including the reconstruction of "the corporate memory" from electronic records, an increasingly important area in Insolvency Practice and in Complex Insolvency.  

Gore & Company has built a team with a range of experience in complex insolvency proceedings, including investigations, forensic accounting and data recovery and analysis that can be applied to the situations discussed in the Bewick and Edgar article.    

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