Helping creditors to avoid a total loss in the manufacturing sector (disguised)

Gore and Company was appointed liquidator by creditors of this manufacturing group (disguised) based in London in which there had been significant wrong doing, failure to disclose assets, failure to disclose books and records and attempts to mislead the creditors.

The application of forensic accounting expertise to the business’ records, analysis of income, payments and receipts and inquiries of suppliers, employees and agents led to the identification of assets with a value of in excess of £2m and additional, undisclosed liabilities of almost £1m.

Faced with a lack of co-operation from the directors of the liquidated business Gore and Company worked closely with legal professionals to secure access to books and records and to identify illegitimate payments to directors, misallocated funds and large capital transfers from the business for unspecified purposes. Taxation anomalies were also discovered which increased the number of creditors and increased the funding available for further investigations.

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