Business Recovery with Regional Development Agencies

In the present economic climate, Gore and Company is working to raise the profile of Business Recovery and Turnaround work with staff in the UK's regional development agencies.  

Gore and Company, whose Senior Partner, Tom Girn, is a member of R3: The Association of Business Recovery Professionals, is keen to work with development agencies and their client companies.   R3 stands for Rescue, Recovery and Renewal and encourages insolvency professionals to seek ways in which businesses can be turned around from financial difficulty.   In particular, in a downturn such as the one we are all presently facing, the goals of development agencies and business recovery professionals are closely aligned.  

Early intervention is particularly important if a turnaround is to be achieved.   Gore and Company can work with boards of directors, development agency personnel, funding agencies and providers of private finance to develop monitoring and mentoring services, to plan business turnaround strategies and to execute a range of formal and informal procedures allowed in insolvency law to put a company on the road to recovery.   We can also assist directors, informing them of their obligations under insolvency law and helping them to avoid pitfalls such as falling foul of wrongful trading legislation.

The attached presentation sets out the services we can offer to Regional Development Agencies and their clients.  

We would be pleased to receive requests from regional development agencies and similar bodies to give a briefing or seminar to staff on the options available to struggling businesses with prospects of recovery, on Business Recovery and Turnaround Practice and on the services offered by Insolvency Practitioners more generally. The emphasis would be on recovery, in line with our interest in R3, but with a clear overview of all of the options available to a business in difficulty

Please note that the above is provided for illustration purposes only and comprises a short view of extremely complex insolvency and other legislation. This is a complicated area and specific advice must be sought before undertaking any course of action or before refraining from any course of action. Gore and Company takes no responsibility for any loss incurred to or by any person who either acts or refrains from acting on the basis of the above or of any other item published on this website. The above note may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of Gore and Company.

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