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Navigating a path to recovery: Having the right professionals advising on the options available whilst at the same time reassuring the directors that they are fulfilling their statutory duties to the company and to creditors is invaluable if the business is to be saved [more...

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Taking early advice: If you feel that your business is facing a downturn, if you need restructuring advice, if you need to look at your options and position as a director of a business in insolvency, R3, the Association of Business Recovery Professionals, says that for businesses "In times of financial crisis, taking early, independent advice is crucial" [more...

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Unweaving a tangled web: With the right approach and a detailed understanding of the insolvency legislation and powers that are available to the liquidator it is possible to achieve quite significant recoveries for the benefit of creditors. Key to achieving these recoveries is a strong team made up of an insolvency practitioner, insolvency lawyers and, often, counsel [more...]

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Parachuting finance professionals: Gore and Company offers professional expertise to work seamlessly within the finance department maintaining productivity and quality.  A key benefit is that short term needs are met by a quality assured service that is closely managed by senior managers [more...]

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Business Insolvency and Recovery

More than 30 years assisting companies of all sizes in managing the turnaround or orderly closure of failing businesses. Expert advice to directors, shareholders, managers and creditors of companies in financial difficulty. First Consultation Free.

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Professional, qualified accountants who work as part of your team to address specific accounting problems.

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Maximising the return to creditors in a failing video reproduction business

This business faced financial difficulties due to fixed royalties payable to DVD patent holders, increasing competition from overseas firms and falling demand during the recession. The Directors sought Gore and Company’s help and, after a business review concluded there was no hope of trading out of its indebtedness, were advised to put the company into Administration as soon as possible.

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Is it costly to liquidate my company?

Not really, the costs can be negligible. Costs are usually taken out of the assets of the company so that a director is not required to make any payment at all.  The costs of placing the company into liquidation and also for carrying out the liquidation work, must be approved by the creditors in a general meeting.